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Canadian College Accreditation Program

Success College is accredited by CCAPSuccess College is accredited by CCAP. This is the highest accreditation possible for our industry, and it validates that we offer high level career training.

We know that success depends on our quality training. That means relevant knowledge and practical skills taught by industry professionals. After an intensive three year evaluation process, Success College has been accredited by the Career College Accreditation Program (CCAP). This is the highest accreditation possible for our industry, plus it validates that we offer high level career training.

In fact, Success College is the only classroom-based campus college in the Maritimes to earn this designation.

Obtaining CCAP accreditation means that a college’s quality standards have been validated by an independent third party. CCAP developed their high standards after more than a year of consultation with stakeholders including federal and provincial/territorial governments, private career colleges, other post-secondary education groups, and industry. Emphasis is placed on both the attainment of a high quality standard and regular self-evaluation to improve the quality of education and services provided (continuing quality improvement). These standards will continue to evolve and grow as a result of CCAP’s own process of continuing quality improvement.

CCAP Standards are comprised of nine quality criteria. These standards are comprehensive and reflect current thinking as it applies to the measurement of quality among Canada’s private career colleges. The consistent application of the standards enables institutions to achieve excellence in all that they do. Accordingly, students and all other stakeholders, can be confident that a CCAP accredited institution meets or exceeds high standards of quality in Canadian post-secondary education. CCAP Standards include:

  • Student Learning and Job Readiness – a commitment to excellence in student learning, skills development and job readiness.
  • Staffing – instructional and non-instructional staff members that possess the appropriate combination of education, training and experience to deliver superior skills development.
  • Facilities and Technical Resources – facilities (e.g. buildings, classrooms, instructional facilities, furniture, computers and other equipment) that support learning outcomes for each course of study.
  • Student Policies and Services – Student policies and services based on ongoing assessments of student needs, supporting the advancement of student learning and skills development consistent with the institution’s mission.
  • Administration and Leadership – an administrative system that facilitates the accomplishment of its mission, furthers institutional effectiveness, and supports student learning.
  • Effective leadership – is established at all levels of the institution.
  • Financial Capacity – financial resources and reporting systems enabling it to fulfill its mission.
  • Marketing – marketing efforts that support its mission, and fairly and accurately depict the institution and its program offerings.
  • Mission and Guiding Documents – a clear articulation its long-term purposes and commitment to student learning and skills development.
  • Building for the Future – allocation of resources in a manner that enables it to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision, improve the quality of education it provides to students, and to respond to future challenges and opportunities.

CCAP’s high standards are endorsed by the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC). Click here to learn more about CCAP.

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“I found this course to be one of the best experiences of my life. Everyday I looked forward to attending classes. All of the instructors were well trained and excellent at teaching the material.”

James Kenney, Success College Graduate

“I wake up every day and can’t wait to get to work; I love what I do, and I can thank Success College and my instructor Sharon Cameron-Charlton for helping me get where I am today!”

Megan Robia, Interior Decorating Graduate

“This program has offered me an education and certifications that are current and highly sought after. Success College has had a very positive impact on my life and career aspirations.”

Stephan Jeddry, Success College Graduate

“I have been faced with opposition and discouragement, but I have received more support from my classmates and Success College staff than I could have ever imagined. The people I have met over the past year have made a lasting impression on my life.”

Jessica Ingram, Success College Graduate

“The instructors are amazing. They really know how to teach in a way that you learn so much but you have fun at the same time.”

Candace Hallatt, Success College Graduate