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Jared Duggan, Live-In Community Residential Worker

Jared Duggan is a 2012 Child and Youth Care graduate who completed his Work Practicum at YACRO (Yarmouth Association for Community Residential Options) and was offered a casual position before finishing his placement there.  Jared is currently a Live-In Community Support Worker for YACRO and is working with young adults with disabilities in a residential care setting.

Jared displays the patience, compassion and empathy towards those he supports. Jared has always been someone classmates and co-workers can count on to help out when needed, lend an ear when someone needs to talk and above all knows the value of building  therapeutic relationships within the Child and Youth Care field. Jared brings humor and calmness to  the Child and Youth Care field and is a true role model for new and upcoming Youth Care Workers to follow.

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