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Corrections And Law Enforcement

Do your life justice. Train for a career in law enforcement. Be job ready in 14 months!

Exciting Career Opportunities

Success College provides expert training in appropriate law enforcement. We are specialists in both non-violent intervention skills and physical control and restraint techniques.

We begin by educating you on the foundations of the Canadian justice system, and then we develop the mental and physical skills necessary to succeed in security and law enforcement.

At Success, we realize today’s students need as many options as possible. That’s why we created this unique program that recognizes both the similarities and distinct differences between the related fields of Corrections, Security and Law Enforcement.

As a student in this program you’ll have the opportunity to train hands-on for three distinct law enforcement careers: Corrections, Security and Law Enforcement. Training in more than one specification allows you the freedom and flexibility to explore your career options and widen your career search.

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Hands-on Training

At Success College we know that the best way to learn a profession is hands-on. That’s why we train you in a real work environment.

During your practicum you’ll work in a real Corrections, Security or Law Enforcement setting and gain first–hand, practical knowledge and experience in your new career field.You’ll feel confident when you enter the professional world with work experience already on your resume. Some graduates are even hired directly from their work practicum.

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Training aides and certifications are what separates our CLE course from other diploma programs. Graduates from our program will leave school with certifications in:

  • First Aid Level C/AED
  • International Critical Incident Stress Management (ICISF)
  • Verbal Crisis Intervention
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NVCI
  • Threat Pattern Recognition(TPR)/Use of Force
  • Incident Command System Level 100
  • Qualification: Firearms Acquisition/Weapons Range Training: Handguns
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Modular Training

Success College uses a modular system of training. In modular programs, theoretical and practical issues are closely integrated, and learning outcomes are clearly defined.

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Expert PARE & COPAT Training

Success College is the only private career college in Nova Scotia that can train you on official PARE and COPAT fitness equipment.

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Success College is the official PARE testing centre for the Canadian Border Services. We also provide PARE and COPAT testing on a monthly basis.

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Firearms Training

Success College is also the only private career college in the Maritimes that can train you on the FATS® L7 compact virtual firearms training simulator.

The FATS® L7 law enforcement virtual training simulation system effectively supports marksmanship and judgmental training needs of law enforcement, paramilitary and security personnel. This type of judgmental training system enhances the understanding of shoot/don’t shoot situations and the corresponding decision making process.

The FATS® L7 also includes add-ons for pepper spray and stun gun applications.

Why Success College?

Every program is taught by industry experts, and students benefit directly from the breadth and depth of their experience. And our curriculum is accelerated so that you finish a 2 year program in just 14 months.

Success College is accredited by CCAP. This is the highest accreditation possible for our industry, and it validates that we offer high level career training.

Are you ready?

To learn more about your possible career opportunities and to explore if this is the right career path for you, fill out the form to receive additional information. A helpful Success College Admissions Representative will assist you with everything from course questions to financial aid and help you discover your perfect career path. Click here if you would like to book an appointment with an Admissions Representative.

For immediate assistance, give us a call at 1–844–352–0094.

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“The instructors are amazing. They really know how to teach in a way that you learn so much but you have fun at the same time.”

Candace Hallatt, Success College Graduate

“This program has offered me an education and certifications that are current and highly sought after. Success College has had a very positive impact on my life and career aspirations.”

Stephan Jeddry, Success College Graduate

“I have been faced with opposition and discouragement, but I have received more support from my classmates and Success College staff than I could have ever imagined. The people I have met over the past year have made a lasting impression on my life.”

Jessica Ingram, Success College Graduate

“I found this course to be one of the best experiences of my life. Everyday I looked forward to attending classes. All of the instructors were well trained and excellent at teaching the material.”

James Kenney, Success College Graduate